COVID-19 Update 12.23.2021

1.) At this time we still plan to hold All In-person events

2.) Schools may issue COVID-19-related policies in the coming days/weeks that impact our events. These policies may differ from school-to-school. Boston Tech Initiative (BTI) will support each Event Host and their school-specific policies.

3.) BTI and Event Hosts will notify teams, volunteers, and others of these additional school policies as soon as they are known.  

4.) Teams should plan to check email frequently as well as check the BTI Qualifier Event Page over the coming weeks for new information as event policies and event statuses can change quickly. 

5.) The following include, but are not limited to, potential measures that may get implemented. They are provided to give you a sense of what some added measures may look like. These are NOT currently required at any school or event. 

  • Teams (registered Mentors and Students as listed on the official Team Roster*) only in attendance.  
  • No spectators permitted in order to reduce the potential for spread
  • Proof of Negative COVID-19 test result 
  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination 
  • Temperature screening upon entry  
  • Changes to Opening or Closing Ceremonies 
  • Changes to Number of Team Members allowed in Judging Sessions 
  • Attendees who demonstrate persistent coughing or other potential COVID-19-related symptoms of concern may be asked to leave event 
  • Others TBD 

* The maximum number of participants per team may be further restricted per school policies

IMPORTANT: In the spirit of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertation please be prepared to honor these requirements should they be necessary to implement so we can continue to gather In-person.  In the meantime, please remember all are expected to follow the requirements of BTI’s COVID-19 Policy that was agreed to when registering for events. 

Hybrid*, Remote, and Rescheduled Events – Preparing In Case 

We are preparing for a scenario in which we cannot gather In-person for one (1) or more event(s).  Should this happen, we will work with our Event Hosts to determine which alternate event structure will be implemented. Our sincere hope is to NOT have to go to Remote or Hybrid Events.  However, if it becomes necessary to do so, we will communicate full details to teams as soon as they are known.

All teams should read  Game Manual Pt. 1 and Game Manual Pt. 2 for Remote Events in order to be prepared to compete under this event structure.  

*Hybrid events will allow for In-person traditional competition matches to be played. Judging will be done remotely. 

We thank you all for your understanding and support as we continue to navigate the challenging landscape of COVID-19.  

Our goal is to keep the events In-person to best celebrate our students and teams and their hard work, while doing so safely!