Cambridge Science Festival Robot Zoo

The Cambridge Science Festival Robot Zoo is returning in 2022 with a date of Sunday, October 9th.  The Brainstormers are inviting teams to participate at this all day event to demonstrate our FTC robots using the current Freight Frenzy game for the public.  They are looking for about 8 teams to bring their 2021-22 robot to the event to run on the field for fun and show to the public.  This has been a really fun event in the past - both to run our robots again on the game field and to collaborate.  Our group is usually the most visited part of the Robot Zoo with about 10,000 people coming through.   Deadline Response Date: Contact coach Tricia Nguyen ( if your team is interested.  A go-no-go decision on doing the event will be made depending on how many teams volunteer by June 1st.