Event: Mentors Meeting (mentors only)
Host: Tricia Nguyen of The Brainstormers, Team 8644
Duration: 1–1.5 hours
Description: FIRST Tech Challenge during Covid has been difficult for teams. This meeting will be a structured collaboration between mentors to establish a working contact group that can help each other with resources during this time of rebuild. Bring your needs for help and ideas to help on topics such as outreach during Covid, rebuilding expertise on teams, buddy teams for rookies, fundraising, etc. Output expected to be a mailing list of team mentors with lists of teams who can help in certain areas and those who could use a hand with something. We expect many teams to have lost segments of their institutional knowledge usually passed from kid to kid and thus some teams could use a bit of targeted help from others to get back up and running with things like the control system, CAD, etc. Rookie mentors can be buddied up with veteran coaches for additional support. Opportunities for joint outreach with Boston Tech Initiative (BTI) and NE FIRST to target growth will be discussed with special emphasis on bringing graduating FIRST Lego League teams to FIRST Tech Challenge.


Event: CAD Workshop – ACTION STEP REQUIRED – All are welcome, but the first 10 responders will get specialized materials. Please read below for full details.
Host: Wolfpack Machina, Team 18438
Duration: 45 mins
Description: This is a beginner-level workshop to teach the basics of how-to CAD for FIRST Tech Challenge in Fusion 360. This workshop will use the Gobilda parts library exclusively.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The first 10 people to email brickwolves@gmail.com will receive instructions on how to download Fusion 360, what to bring to the workshop, and be added to the team’s CADing library in fusion. Please respond no later than 3 pm Friday, Sept 17 with your interest.

Event: Engineering Notebook and Portfolio
Host: Team Unlimited, Team 0001
Duration: 45 mins
Description: Team Unlimited will be holding a workshop during this year’s Kickoff on the engineering notebook and portfolio! With 20 years of experience and numerous awards for documentation over the years, the team will present helpful information on how to create and improve your documentation for new and veteran teams alike. The presentation will include an overview of how the portfolio and notebook work, changes to the notebook this year, and tips on how to make and succeed with your documentation.

Event: How to Silicone Mold for FIRST Tech Challenge
Host: The GearTicks, Team 6055
Duration: 30 mins
Description: In this workshop we will talk about using silicone molding in FIRST Tech Challenge. The presentation will cover applications of silicone molding, uses of different types of silicones, how to make molds, and demo actual molding. We feel that teams will find that silicone molding is fun, easy, and it will allow teams to make useful custom parts for their robots.

Event: Recruitment & Community Outreach – spreading STEM through community youth centers
Host: ARC Lightening, Team 4410, ARC Hailstorm, Team 10331, ARC Thunder, Team 5273
Duration: 35-40 mins
Description: Teams from the Andover Robotics Club will be hosting a workshop on recruitment and community outreach. Members will overview outreach programs such as STEM classes, FIRST Lego League coaching, and a STEM Fair all hosted at the community youth center. There will be a step-by-step guide to planning, reaching out, recruiting, and executing similar projects. Presenters will discuss ideas for overcoming pandemic challenges while creating STEM opportunities for youth in Andover. With immense success in creating interactive youth programs and a presence in the community, the ARC teams are incredibly excited to share their tips on outreach.

Event: Rookie Workshop
Host: Canton Robodogs, Team 6040
Duration: 45 mins
Description: This workshop is for new teams. From membership drives and registration, to designing/building, engineering notebooks/portfolio, and competition preparedness/awards, we’ll give you an overview and help get you on your way!


Bring your entire team and see the 2021-2022 game reveal live.